Monday, June 16, 2008

Millions of Us on Real Biz in SL

This week's REAL BIZ in SL featured Millions of Us, the agency that specializes in Virtual Worlds. Cybergrrl Oh interviewed Chris Millionsofus about their cool virtual world projects.

Chris Millions and Cybergrrl Oh discuss activities and plans in a model of the New Globe Theater, a meeting space that's available for anyone to use with permission.

A Brooklyn brownstone developed for a rap music artist Talib Kweli.

Vivox Phone Booth.

CNet Network Office.

If you missed the broadcast, check back to see the archived show!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Virtual Africa on REAL BIZ in SL

Virtual Africa is an initiative of Uthango Social Investments, an NGO in Cape Town, South Africa whose projects address poverty in Africa. They are the first African non profit in a virtual world. Learn more by watching Cybergrrl Oh's interview with Director Alanagh Recreant on REAL BIZ in SL.

Cybergrrl with her new AI Meerkat. Adopting a Meerkat is one way users can support Uthango projects.

The Porcupine Theater, one of the venues for promoting African music and talent.

Part of the gallery at Robben Island.

The vistas are beautiful.