Friday, July 25, 2008

Screenings of REAL BIZ in SL on Athena Isle

Last Week's Q & A with Cybergrrl Oh and guest Chepooka Laval after the screening of REAL BIZ in SL on Athena Isle. Join me, KrisBott Gears every Monday at 2pm SLT, for screenings on Athena Isle of REAL BIZ in SL. After the screenings Cyberrl Oh and whenever possible, the show guest, will drop by for an informal chat.

Athena Isle on REAL BIZ in SL

Chepooka Laval of Endeavor Creative and Cybergrrl Oh in the REAL BIZ studios. This past week REAL BIZ in SL featured Athena Isle, home of Cybergrrl Oh, guest Chepooka Laval, and yours truly, KrisBott Gears. Watch this show for a peek at the home island of Cybergrrl Oh as Chepooka and Cybergrrl discuss how consultants work in Second Life. To visit Endeavor Creative on the Web: Be sure to swing by Endeavor Creative's "The Whine Cooler" for T.G.I.F. on Fridays happy hour mixers at 5pm SLT.

Virtual Activism on REAL BIZ in SL

Ilike Fall and Cybergrrl Oh at the site of the Virtual Activism Education and Human Rights Center. This area contains resources for educators and is the site of a project that will create a 3D representation of Amnesty International's World Report on Human Rights for 2008 entitled "Digital Dignity: New Media and Human Rights." For Virtual Activism on the Web visit

Virtual Activism on REAL BIZ in SL

This is Ilike Fall of Virtual Activism, a nonprofit organization that addresses the interaction of human rights and technology and particularly in the area of the Middle East. Virtual Activism is on a beautiful island, and in this episode Cybergrrl explored one of the outstanding features of the island, Ilike's build of Saint Katherine's Monastery (located in Sinai). There are some wonders here - in the Second Life monastery you can view icons and manuscripts that are so precious that they are not even on display in the actual Monastery.