Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Monday 2PM SLT IBM Virtual Green Data Center on REAL BIZ in SL

Join KrisBott Gears for the screening on Athena Isle as Cybergrrl Oh explores IBM's Project Big Green which offers "hands-on" experience with new and easy steps for energy efficient technologies and green data management.

Monday, December 8, 2008

POSTPONED: Today's REAL BIZ show on Digital Birmingham

Regrettably today's show on Digital Birmingham has been postponed. Next Monday's show will feature IBM's Virtual Green Data Center, so we'll be looking forward to seeing you on Athena Isle again next week.

To visit Digital Birmingham, go to

To learn more about the Digital Birmingham project, see

Friday, December 5, 2008

This Monday December 8th 2PM SLT Virtual Birmingham on REAL BIZ in SL

Come by the screening at Athena Isle and check out how the city of Birmingham is using Second Life in delivering public services and interacting with citizens. Read more about the project at

Friday, November 28, 2008

This Monday December 1, The Club on REAL BIZ in SL

Join KrisBott Gears on Athena Isle this Monday to see Cybergrrl Oh tour The Club. Promising top notch SL entertainment for the community, the Club is supporting 6 of the top Second Life virtual raceway venues with a sponsorship program for the next 10 weeks. Attendees will be able to access a package of freebies from The Club ® kiosks at these sponsored venues.

Second China on REAL BIZ in SL

I'm sorry to say that Monday's show was cancelled due to technical problems. Stay tuned because we'll be going back there as soon as possible. Meanwhile, check out Second China and find out how cool it is for yourself! Second China SLURL. Read more about the project on the Web here.

Friday, November 21, 2008

This Monday November 24 2PM SLT Second China on REAL BIZ in SL

This week on REAL BIZ in SL we'll check out the University of Florida's Second China, a virtual city aimed at educating and preparing foreign service or other government professionals for their first visit to China. Learn about meetings, visits to teahouses and other Chinese cultural institutions, and take a taxi cab ride.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Virtual Galapagos Islands

I'm so happy and proud to report we had another fabulous screening and a great chat afterwards yesterday, starring the very classy Fleep Tuque representing the University of Cincinnati's Darwin anniversary project. Check out the Educause Article.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday November 17 2PM SLT REAL BIZ in SL with Virtual Galapagos Islands

Come by Athena Isle for next week's screening where we'll learn about Charles Darwin's historic journey. In honor of Darwin’s legacy, the University of Cincinnati has planned a two-year celebration of the sesquicentennial anniversary of the publication of On the Origin of Species. What if students could participate in a re-creation of Darwin’s historic journey to the Galapagos Islands and see indigenous species in their natural habitats? What if the photographs, videos, and materials collected by students on their trips to study Darwin’s work could be shared with the broader public? At the University of Cincinnati’s virtual replica of the Galapagos Islands in Second Life, they can. Learn more at Galapagos Islands in Second Life Educause Review

Vivartia 7 Day Magic Bakery

We had a great show today with the Vivartia 7 Day Magic Bakery. What a cool build! We had a nice chat with Boliver Oddfellow of Involve, the virtual world developer that created the bakery.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This Monday November 10 2pm SLT Vivartia 7 Days Magic Bakery!

The 7 Days Magic Bakery is a unique build with an immersive audiovisual experience-come check it out with KrisBott Gears on Athena Isle Monday at 2pm SLT!

Pop Art Lab

Last week we had another great screening and discussion, this time with Claus Uriza of Pop Art Lab. Pop Art Lab is a unique space for checking out music and it's a lot of fun. I recommend checking out the archived show at for the insider tour.

World Bank

We had another great screening with guest World Bank, and a nice chat after the screening with Dahlia Kharg.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday October 27 2pm SLT REAL BIZ in SL screening with guest World Bank

Stop by Athena Isle to attend a screening of the live SLCN show REAL BIZ in SL with Cybergrrl Oh. This week's guest is World Bank. Athena Isle screening hosted by KrisBott Gears.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Georgianna Blackburn chatting with screening attendees after the show


This week's show with Sigma-Aldrich was terrific, with Technical Marketing Specialist Georgianna Blackburn stopping by Athena Isle afterwards to chat. There are lots of fabulous events going on this week in conjunction with the launch of Sigma-Aldrich's Chemistry Island, so I want to encourage everyone to go check it out.
In addition, our Athena Isle screening was visited by Griefers, and while we are flattered by this attention and figure it must mean we've "arrived" if we're worth the effort, I want to apologize to screening attendees who left because of the hassle. Athena Isle has now hired security to deal with the problem, so I want to encourage everyone to come back and attend screenings without concern for the future. Hope to see you soon!

Friday, October 17, 2008

October 21 2pm SLT REAL BIZ in SL screening with guest Sigma-Aldrich

Stop by Athena Isle to attend a screening of the live SLCN show REAL BIZ in SL with guest International Life Science and Tech company Sigma-Aldrich. This week is the Aldrich Chemistry Island Grand Opening Oct. 19 - 25 with music performances, talks and other events. Athena Isle screening hosted by KrisBott Gears.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 13 2pm SLT REAL BIZ in SL screening with guest NOKIA!

Stop by Athena Isle to attend a screening of the live SLCN show REAL BIZ in SL with Cybergrrl Oh. This week's guest is NOKIA. Athena Isle screening hosted by KrisBott Gears.

Monday, September 29, 2008

MadPea Productions

Above: Post Screening Meet & Greet with the MadPea Productions Crew on Athena Isle, MadPea Productions' Kiana Writer with Meet & Greet Guest

I'm pleased to say we had a great show today, with a good look at the most incredible immersive gaming environments by MadPea Productions, plus a chance to rub shoulders with the folks from MadPea and Orange Island. Check out the games at Orange Island !

Monday, September 15, 2008

Virtual Job Candy

REAL BIZ in SL came back from a short hiatus around SLCC to a great show with Virtual Job Candy, the first job board and career site dedicated to Virtual World Jobs. After the screening we had a nice turnout for our Meet & Greet on Athena Isle and a really nice chat with President Avarie Parker and CEO PrinterBrian Dowd.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

AskPatty on REAL BIZ in SL 18 Aug 2pm SLT

Some behind-the-scenes shots from today's walk thru of AskPatty's sim. They'll be our guest on REAL BIZ in SL this coming Monday. And I'll be racing cars! Stop by Athena Isle at 2pm SLT for a live screening as I'm crashing into walls.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Screenings of REAL BIZ in SL on Athena Isle

Last Week's Q & A with Cybergrrl Oh and guest Chepooka Laval after the screening of REAL BIZ in SL on Athena Isle. Join me, KrisBott Gears every Monday at 2pm SLT, for screenings on Athena Isle of REAL BIZ in SL. After the screenings Cyberrl Oh and whenever possible, the show guest, will drop by for an informal chat.

Athena Isle on REAL BIZ in SL

Chepooka Laval of Endeavor Creative and Cybergrrl Oh in the REAL BIZ studios. This past week REAL BIZ in SL featured Athena Isle, home of Cybergrrl Oh, guest Chepooka Laval, and yours truly, KrisBott Gears. Watch this show for a peek at the home island of Cybergrrl Oh as Chepooka and Cybergrrl discuss how consultants work in Second Life. To visit Endeavor Creative on the Web: Be sure to swing by Endeavor Creative's "The Whine Cooler" for T.G.I.F. on Fridays happy hour mixers at 5pm SLT.

Virtual Activism on REAL BIZ in SL

Ilike Fall and Cybergrrl Oh at the site of the Virtual Activism Education and Human Rights Center. This area contains resources for educators and is the site of a project that will create a 3D representation of Amnesty International's World Report on Human Rights for 2008 entitled "Digital Dignity: New Media and Human Rights." For Virtual Activism on the Web visit

Virtual Activism on REAL BIZ in SL

This is Ilike Fall of Virtual Activism, a nonprofit organization that addresses the interaction of human rights and technology and particularly in the area of the Middle East. Virtual Activism is on a beautiful island, and in this episode Cybergrrl explored one of the outstanding features of the island, Ilike's build of Saint Katherine's Monastery (located in Sinai). There are some wonders here - in the Second Life monastery you can view icons and manuscripts that are so precious that they are not even on display in the actual Monastery.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Millions of Us on Real Biz in SL

This week's REAL BIZ in SL featured Millions of Us, the agency that specializes in Virtual Worlds. Cybergrrl Oh interviewed Chris Millionsofus about their cool virtual world projects.

Chris Millions and Cybergrrl Oh discuss activities and plans in a model of the New Globe Theater, a meeting space that's available for anyone to use with permission.

A Brooklyn brownstone developed for a rap music artist Talib Kweli.

Vivox Phone Booth.

CNet Network Office.

If you missed the broadcast, check back to see the archived show!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Virtual Africa on REAL BIZ in SL

Virtual Africa is an initiative of Uthango Social Investments, an NGO in Cape Town, South Africa whose projects address poverty in Africa. They are the first African non profit in a virtual world. Learn more by watching Cybergrrl Oh's interview with Director Alanagh Recreant on REAL BIZ in SL.

Cybergrrl with her new AI Meerkat. Adopting a Meerkat is one way users can support Uthango projects.

The Porcupine Theater, one of the venues for promoting African music and talent.

Part of the gallery at Robben Island.

The vistas are beautiful.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More REAL BIZ in SL YouTube Promos!

Featured Guest: Crowne Plaza

Featured Guest: Splitsville

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

REAL BIZ guest on Mon Mar 11 - 1pm SLT

Guess who is going to be my guest on REAL BIZ on Monday March 11th at 1pm SLT (airing live at then will be at by Tuesday).

I'll give you a hint...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Behind-the-Scenes - Crowne Plaza Hotel

This was the hardest show yet - and solely because of SL lag. First, my guest Chime Bellman (aka Del Ross of InterContinental Hotel Group) had to log off and on right before we started filming.

Then as soon as we started filming, I couldn't get my avie to walk straight. I did my best to cover, sending Chime up ahead to describe the featured of the Crowne Plaza Hotels sim. But I finally had to log out live as we were filming the show and log back in so I was MIA while he described on of the meeting rooms his company offers to SL residents.

Then I finally was able to move, klutz-like, backstage, got onto the stage and demo'd the lecturn only to have my avie get stuck on it. I flew away from the lecturn, still stuck in walking animation, and spent the rest of the time in the room with my avie walking in place as if I were on a treadmill. But I kept on talking as if nothing was unusual and ended up going to my menu to Stop Animations to get out of the walking loop.

All in all, however, this was a great show. My guest was terrific, and the build had some nice details and touches as well as offered very usable meeting spaces. But I'm still waiting for my freebie - the meeting room in a box! Better go IM Chime next time I'm inworld.

Watch the Show!

REAL BIZ in SL promos on YouTube

We've started making promos for REAL BIZ in SL for YouTube. Check them out!

Bantam Dell Publishing Company:

Crowne Plaza Hotels:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Behind-the-Scenes - Bantam Dell Publishing Group

The Bantam Dell Publishing Group tour of Bantam Dell Island was a breeze. I've known Beezelbubba Rasmuson since I interviewed him for when author Diana Gabaldon presented in SL.

We toured the Bantam Dell bookstore and meeting place then walked over to the amphitheatre and flew up into the sky for a final look at the entire sim. Beeze refused to give me any hints at what is yet to come but did confirm that they are constructing new areas on the sim for upcoming events.

Watch the show!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Second Life-based business television show debuts on the Web

the official debut press release...


CTC: Maggie Mahoney, – maggie at
or Cybergrrl Oh/Aliza Sherman – cybergrrloh at

New Second Life-based business television show debuts on the Web

ATHENA ISLE, Feb. 20, 2008. A new half-hour television show filmed entirely in Second Life debuts on the Second Life Cable Network ( on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 1:00pm PST. REAL BIZ in SL is part talk show, part tour featuring real world companies and organizations with a presence in the 3-dimensional virtual world of Second Life.

“With all the hype about companies jumping in and pulling out of Second Life, REAL BIZ sets out to show a more balanced and insightful perspective on how virtual worlds are being used in the business world,” said show creator and host Aliza Sherman aka Cybergrrl Oh. “Companies see REAL BIZ as a chance to showcase what they are doing, but we're also looking to examine the viability of their efforts.”

Sherman, who is a real world radio and television producer, is also a long-time business writer for magazines such as Entrepreneur. Recent REAL BIZ show guests include technology components company Avnet, Inc. and online job resource This Thursday's show features Bantam Dell Publishing Group and includes a tour of the company's new island.

"From the start, we knew Aliza was going to have a hit. There is far too much mis-information about Second Life,” said Wiz Nordberg, CEO and Technical Director of Aliza brings both a fresh
business perspective and an entertaining format to SLCN, and we're proud to be airing REAL BIZ as part of our new line-up."

In addition to airing live on the web site every other Thursday, REAL BIZ along with other shows are played on thousands of video screens throughout Second Life and are available through iTunes. For more information, go to or or contact Maggie Mahoney, at or Cybergrrl Oh/Aliza Sherman at

REAL BIZ in SL is a half hour business talk show that takes place on the islands of real world companies and organizations exploring Second Life as a branding, marketing, customer service and sales tool. The show's host is Cybergrrl Oh and Executive Producer is Starr Sonic. delete - there is too many URLs here

SLCN.TV is the world's first virtual TV network, bringing Second Life residents entertaining shows like Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, Metanomics, SL Hockey and Simboarding. The network also produces a wide range of special programs such as Miss SL Universe, The Best Practices in Education Series, and even press events for the Transformers and Die Hard film launches. SLCN.TV reaches a broad demographic with an established range of entertainment, sports and in-depth business shows.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Behind the Scenes of REAL BIZ in SL

We've got 2 shows of REAL BIZ in SL in the can, a little rough around the edges at the moment, but tons of fun to do. We'll officially debut on 21 February with Bantam Dell and have a great lineup of real life companies booked through April.

Here are some behind the scenes from the show...

This is the old studio set before the new design.

The Coffee-mate show hasn't happened yet. The last time we tried filming, the sim was griefed, so we postponed it for another time. TBA.

The show hosts meet with management.

Trying out a paying camping job on the sim.

Last minute adjustments to the's rep. Her hair was funky so she did a quick replacement right before the cameras started rolling.

The new set design, all sparkly! Here's I'm interviewing Zee Pixel from Avnet, Inc.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Behind-the-Scenes - Avnet, Inc.

Taped the show with Avnet, Inc. and toured their Technology Museum.

The company ended up doing a press release quoting me and mentioning the show.

I originally met the curator Zee Pixel when I interviewed him for an article in

And got a chance to film in the new, improved REAL BIZ in SL studios for 5 Questions in 5 Minutes.

Other than the usual bumping into a few walls, all went well considering it was only the second show. Watch the show!