Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Georgianna Blackburn chatting with screening attendees after the show


This week's show with Sigma-Aldrich was terrific, with Technical Marketing Specialist Georgianna Blackburn stopping by Athena Isle afterwards to chat. There are lots of fabulous events going on this week in conjunction with the launch of Sigma-Aldrich's Chemistry Island, so I want to encourage everyone to go check it out.
In addition, our Athena Isle screening was visited by Griefers, and while we are flattered by this attention and figure it must mean we've "arrived" if we're worth the effort, I want to apologize to screening attendees who left because of the hassle. Athena Isle has now hired security to deal with the problem, so I want to encourage everyone to come back and attend screenings without concern for the future. Hope to see you soon!

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