Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Second Life-based business television show debuts on the Web

the official debut press release...


CTC: Maggie Mahoney, – maggie at
or Cybergrrl Oh/Aliza Sherman – cybergrrloh at

New Second Life-based business television show debuts on the Web

ATHENA ISLE, Feb. 20, 2008. A new half-hour television show filmed entirely in Second Life debuts on the Second Life Cable Network ( on Thursday, Feb. 21 at 1:00pm PST. REAL BIZ in SL is part talk show, part tour featuring real world companies and organizations with a presence in the 3-dimensional virtual world of Second Life.

“With all the hype about companies jumping in and pulling out of Second Life, REAL BIZ sets out to show a more balanced and insightful perspective on how virtual worlds are being used in the business world,” said show creator and host Aliza Sherman aka Cybergrrl Oh. “Companies see REAL BIZ as a chance to showcase what they are doing, but we're also looking to examine the viability of their efforts.”

Sherman, who is a real world radio and television producer, is also a long-time business writer for magazines such as Entrepreneur. Recent REAL BIZ show guests include technology components company Avnet, Inc. and online job resource This Thursday's show features Bantam Dell Publishing Group and includes a tour of the company's new island.

"From the start, we knew Aliza was going to have a hit. There is far too much mis-information about Second Life,” said Wiz Nordberg, CEO and Technical Director of Aliza brings both a fresh
business perspective and an entertaining format to SLCN, and we're proud to be airing REAL BIZ as part of our new line-up."

In addition to airing live on the web site every other Thursday, REAL BIZ along with other shows are played on thousands of video screens throughout Second Life and are available through iTunes. For more information, go to or or contact Maggie Mahoney, at or Cybergrrl Oh/Aliza Sherman at

REAL BIZ in SL is a half hour business talk show that takes place on the islands of real world companies and organizations exploring Second Life as a branding, marketing, customer service and sales tool. The show's host is Cybergrrl Oh and Executive Producer is Starr Sonic. delete - there is too many URLs here

SLCN.TV is the world's first virtual TV network, bringing Second Life residents entertaining shows like Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe, Metanomics, SL Hockey and Simboarding. The network also produces a wide range of special programs such as Miss SL Universe, The Best Practices in Education Series, and even press events for the Transformers and Die Hard film launches. SLCN.TV reaches a broad demographic with an established range of entertainment, sports and in-depth business shows.

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