Thursday, February 14, 2008

Behind the Scenes of REAL BIZ in SL

We've got 2 shows of REAL BIZ in SL in the can, a little rough around the edges at the moment, but tons of fun to do. We'll officially debut on 21 February with Bantam Dell and have a great lineup of real life companies booked through April.

Here are some behind the scenes from the show...

This is the old studio set before the new design.

The Coffee-mate show hasn't happened yet. The last time we tried filming, the sim was griefed, so we postponed it for another time. TBA.

The show hosts meet with management.

Trying out a paying camping job on the sim.

Last minute adjustments to the's rep. Her hair was funky so she did a quick replacement right before the cameras started rolling.

The new set design, all sparkly! Here's I'm interviewing Zee Pixel from Avnet, Inc.

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